JR10: Long distance relay running between the Annecy lake (France) and the Loch Ness lake (Scotland)



Our Association named “Les Foulées de l’Aventure” (roughly translated "Adventure Strides") organizes long distance running relays across Europe and the Mediterranean basin. We also organize entertainment related to sport; associating this, whenever possible, with a humanitarian objective.

Our current project "JR10" is our 10th long distance running relay. It follows previous relay races to Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Lillehammer, Marrakech, Olympia…
45 runners (marathoners and triathlets) together with another 25 persons in charge of the logistics (cooking, physiotherapists, doctor, drivers, security staff…) are currently preparing for this new challenge.

3 teams of 15 relay runners will leave Annecy (30 miles far from Geneva) on April 30 at 13:00 and begin this ultra-marathon to the Scottish Highlands covering a total distance of 1'380 miles. The route will be divided into 32 stages each lasting 6 hours. The relay will arrive at Loch Ness on Friday, 9 May....

The only break will be the stretch between Cherbourg and Poole on Sunday, May 4  (from 8:00 to 11:00) when the team will take the cross channel ferry.

Once they have reached the shores of Loch Ness, runners will spend two days recovering and enjoying the Highlands scenery, before driving home.

The goal of our project is twofold:

  • Firstly we are attracted by the sporting challenge and the discovery of new landscapes;
  • Secondly, we would like to help an Association in charge of children suffering from mental diseases. So, the extra money that will be collected from our partners will be offered to this association.

If you want to better understand what all this means, you can also have a look to our picture gallery


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